I want to change my major. What do I do?

You need a “Change of Major Form”. Obtain the form from your current advisor. The form requires three signatures are required; your signature, your current advisor and your new advisor. Once you’ve obtained the signatures, you must turn in the form to the Registrar’s Office in Garner Hall.

I need to drop a class, what do I need to do?

There is only a certain amount of time that you are allowed to drop a class. Within the first six days of classes you can completely drop a class without a “W” or Withdrawal on your transcript. After the first month of classes you can drop a class and receive a “W” for the grade. However, once the withdrawal date has passed you will not be able to drop a class. Check the Academic Calendar for withdrawal dates. To drop a class you need a “Drop/Add Class Form”. This form can be obtained from your current advisor.

How do I find out who my advisor is now?

You can find out who your advisor is by one of two ways. You can ask the secretary in the department’s main office or you can go the Registrar’s office and ask there.

I received AP credit for some courses while I was in high school, so what does that mean now that I’m in college?

AP credit can be used to substitute for course work at the university level. However, for pre-med and pre-dental students this is not the case. Medical and Dental schools require an actual letter grade in classes required for admission. Specifically, 6 hours of English and 6 hours of Math are required on your transcript.

I’m a Pre-PT student and I’m unsure whether I should get a degree from the Department of Biological Sciences or major in Clinical Exercise Physiology in the Department of Kinesiology. What should I do?

It would be wise to make an appointment with both advisors and discuss your options and career goals with them.

What is a RAC (Registration Access Code) and where do I receive one?

This is the numerical code you need in order to register for classes every semester. The code is different every semester. You obtain it from your advisor doing the pre-registration period. Dates of pre-registration will be posted and your advisor will let you know when you can set up an appointment. YOU CANNOT REGISTER FOR CLASSES WITHOUT IT.

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